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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oscar The Grouch Appeared and loved Lab 4 (201)

This week we saw some great adaptations and adjustments to pre-planned games as well as on the fly. Be sure to come with even more games and ideas to use with the students. Remember they have 4 closets full of equipment, so as soon as you get there, go through the closets to see if anything else will grab your attention. Be open to ideas and tips I give you as you're leading your games, as I think know most of you are ready for some more practical teaching strategies and refinements to what we started. Remember above all, that it is your job to provide a SAFE and POSITIVE learning environment. You need to clearly give a signal of attention, define boundaries, demonstrate the activity you want them to do, and provide developmentally appropriate tasks for the needs and abilities of your students.  Oscar was a HUGE hit and I encourage you to bring more visual aids and props to generate that buzz that you witnessed.

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