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Here you will find some of the lesson plans my students have developed that incoporate exergames.  Enjoy and let us know what you think. Click here to find more information on Exergames at ExerGame Lab

Spring 2012
Ben Paquette - Jackie Chan J-Mat
Ryan Carpenter - Sportwall
Andrew Snide - iDANCE
Nicole Sherman - Wii Fit

Emily Woudenberg - Exergame Station
Lesley Turner - Exergaming
Max Stern - iDANCE
Stephanie Paulesen - iDANCE
Kim Arnold - Mobile Adventure Walk (iPhone App)

Fall 2011
William Jones - Exergame Station
Greg Primavera - Just Dance
Steve Miner - Bowling/Kinect Bowling
Shane Jones - DDR
Spring 2011
Anthony DiRienzo - Mario Kart Wii ExerGame Inspired
Andrew Bell - Just Dance

Fall 2010
Greg Laneri - iDANCE
Nicole Sherman - iDANCE
Ryan Carpenter - Wii JustDance! PumpUp TheJam!
Ben Paquette -Wii Bowling - A Strike For Lab D
Fall 2009
Rachel Phillips-  iDANCE-  Dancing Like a Star!
Amy Marks - iDANCE - iDance meets Cortland
Jed Frost - iDANCE - Lesson  - Letter to Superintendent
Martino Sottile - iDANCE - Lesson Letter to Superintendent

Spring 2009
Courtney Roberts - DDR 
Nick Mangen - DDR -Lesson
Matt Outen - DDR

Fall 2008
Taylor Housman - XaviX J-Mat, Hyper Dash - Orienteering
Ciera Broadwell - Hyper Dash, Hyper Jump - Packet
Ben Mertell - Animal Scramble - Lesson
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