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Friday, May 18, 2012

Lives in Crisis: Transformed by Tony Robbins (Bright Spots)

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Author, life coach, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anthony Robbins is a world-famous motivator and life-coach but its great that he offers lots of little videos to compliment their Coach Training website and his mega workshops. I think it is so important for everyone, especially those in education, to work on your own professional development and growth.  To really make a difference you need to be a lifelong learner and have a thirst for constant growth.   Reading, taking workshops, discussing with peers and mentors and contributing to your Personal Learning Network will make all the difference in your potential.

Click here to see how he transformed Rechaud's lifelong struggle with stuttering by listening first and identifying the first time he remembers stuttering and what was the emotional trigger. The term Bright Spots comes from a great book by Chip & Dan Heath called "Switch" - a must read.
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