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Friday, January 30, 2009

Leader of the Pack

Learning to teach with the "Firm but Warm" ideals is an art all unto itself. In a way it is also the same mantra for Cesar Milan (AKA - The Dog Whisperer). Casar takes the toughest cases of dog misbehavior and works tirelessly to "re-rehabilitate the dog" but "train the owners" - and NOT the other way around. What does he say about the importance of a) walking together (exercise), b) belief in yourself as the leader of the pack, and c) creating a pack to create harmony. Watch this video and leave a comment that best explains your reactions to Cesar's techniques and the parallel to teaching youngsters. If you want to see more of Cesar and his techniques and awesome effectiveness click on this YouTube playlist and National Geographic Channel.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring Class Rocking

We're off and running with a great bunch of new 255 students who were quick studies and adapted well to the "Ambush Teaching" lab. You can find their blogs listed in the right hand column of this Rockstar PE blog. Please take some time to read through their reactions to their teaching and to follow their growth in learning to become a Rockstar PE Teacher. Some students (Melissa and Kristen) have already mastered adding videos to their blog...Bravo! Lots more to come so hold on to your hats.