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Monday, February 23, 2009

"Whatever" it Takes

Hip Hop Doc (Dr. Rani Whitfield) and Dee-1 (middle school teacher) are on a mission and their message goes straight to the heart (literally and figuratively). From "Walking the Walk" to "Whatever" the duo have been on a mission to educate and motivate youngsters to live a healthy and active lifestyle (YouTube Channel). Truly inspiring and in education we call what the Hip Hop Doc does so well, is enlist the interests of his target audience - the youth that love Hip-Hop. Let it Flow Doc!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Commander-In-Chief = Master Communicator

Historic achievements aside, President Barack Obama has been such a successful communicator because of his passion and dedication to making change and making things right. Vaulted into the national spotlight just four short years ago at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, it was clear to many that this "skinny guy with big ears and a funny name" would not go quietly into the night.

Each president has their own communication style and some say President Obama's rhetoric in his main speeches is the best of the modern era including Reagan. Linton Weeks wrote in his NPR article "The Art Of Language, Obama-Style", that Obama is a first-rate orator and is getting much better at his impromtu responses.
Because he understands on a profound level that language is the way to hearts and minds, it makes sense to observe his word choice and manner of speaking very closely. In terms of style, Obama has a new way with words. Obamantics, maybe?

After listening and watching to your teaching sessions, with which speaking style are you most comfortable? Do your words match your intended message and do your students understand what you are trying to say? Are there times when your students looked confused or do they transition quickly from instruction to activity periods? Could you say the same thing with fewer words in order to minimize confusion? Mastering effective communication skills is a never-ending process because it encompasses all that we do, say, and emote in the oral, physical, and written senses. The NPR article mentioned that perhaps even Obama has not hit his speaking-ablility "ceiling".

And here is the rest of it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What 's your Sport?

Everyone is good at something in terms of a sport or physical activity, but are there commonalities between each person's strength?

We will be examining and studying three fundamental skill themes: stability, locomotion, and manipulative.

Do sports skills have common themes running through them?

Leave a comment on how important it is to be proficient at the more basic skills in order to gain proficiency in the more complex and specialized skills and actions.