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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lab C Prep and Dig In To Your Blogs (255)

Reminders for Lab C and Beyond!
- Please send your plan of attack to your TA's and me by Friday so that we know you have a plan and how is responsible for which parts of the Lab. You may help each other out but you must submit your own work for all parts of the resource packet, including block plan and scope and sequence. It also makes sense to just publish all of these as webpages on Google Docs and share it with your TA and me so that we can help in the editing and refining process.
- Each of you need to hand-in 20 different tasks on your progression sheets and a separate lesson plan on the day you teach.

- From that list of at least 20, choose 5 (place them on your lesson plan) that you think you might need in your lesson.  You should base it partially off of what your partner is going to cover and then where you want to bring your students.

- Remember that you will only have 10 minutes to teach so plan on only getting through 2 or 3 for the entire class; however, you should also be showing how to use intratask variation for individuals and small groups.

- Also, I may ask you to teach from something else on your list of tasks, so you need to be familiar with all of the tasks and be able to teach them.

- On the assessment front, we are using a C9 form for each of you; however, the first partner will run an instant activity and the second partner will get the point for that.  Likewise, the second partner will do the closure and the first partner will get the point. Although the C9 lists introduction as a requirement - we trust you would introduce yourself on the first day of school/lesson - and therefore you are not required to do so.  If you feel you need to practice doing so, please feel free to.

As we discussed in class, the first half of the semester you've been given the tasks, cues, and challenges to teach as you worked on your emerging teaching skills. This second half of the semester you will be working to find the proper resources to guide your selections of tasks, cues and challenges. On top of finding developmentally appropriate tasks, cues and challenges for middle and high-schools, your teaching responsibilities will also increase to include unforeseen circumstances and behavior management scenarios.  Be sure to read: Prevent Behaviour Problems cortland.ppt and  Positive Learning Environment  to understand our approach to providing a safe and positive learning environment.

As we've encouraged you all year, please get in contact with me and your TA to go over ideas and even just to talk shop about how you're feeling and adjusting to the increased work load.  Believe you me, it gets harder and harder each semester.  

We also encourage you to blog more often as it will make writing and organizing your blogs easier.  A couple of you have been very consistent with your use of your blogs and I think your writing and reflection has helped your teaching.  There have been numerous studies that show that by blogging, a student's writing can actually improve because you ofter end up re-reading parts of your own work and that inevitably you find grammatical errors, syntax, and sentence structure issues.  

Feel free to try new gadgets and tools on our blogs so that others will enjoy your reading and summaries. Remember that you should be thinking about using blogs to keep your students, families, community members and social networks up to date on your awesome program.  If you don't do it, no one else will.  What are you waiting for?  Dig in and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lab D is the Event Horizon... But What Do We Need to Do?

For all you rockers in EDU 255, Lab D may seem rather far away but it is much closer than you think. This is your time to shine as a developing teacher. You will be given 20 minutes in which to teach a lesson on a topic that will be provided to you within the upcoming weeks. You are given the topic and are given the freedom to choose whatever skill or concept you desire.
But, hey, what are we supposed to do for this lab?
  1. EACH teacher candidate will need to provide to your teaching assistants as well as S (at a minimum of 3 days in advance) with:
    1. A completed lesson plan. The earlier you send it in, the more feedback can be provided to assist you in developing a strong lesson. 
    2. An activity progression sheet with a minimum of 4activity progressions due at the time you teach. 
    3. A psychomotor, cognitive, and affective assessment tool that could be used during your lesson to measure student achievement.
    4. If you fail to send us your drafts (lesson plans, task progression, and assessment) at least 3 days ahead of your teaching time, then you will not be able to teach and thus will FAIL the course.
  2. You will need to include a form of technology integrated into your lesson. This is not simply using a music player or speaker. You need to find a way to incorporate more advanced technology. This includes heart rate monitors, iDance (if applicable), projection screen and projector with your laptop. Technology is becoming more evident in physical education and this will give you the opportunity to practice this method.
  3. Similar to Lab C, a resource packet will be due following your teaching session. If will be similar to Lab C, however, there will be several more advanced materials involved (See E-16 in your course packet for more details). However, like in Lab C, you will need to complete a scope and sequence and a block plan.
  4. You will also need to make a collage from your teaching to showcase your newly formed teaching skills using Picasa. (
  5. You will also need to complete a movie using the pictures we've taken and adding appropriate music that accurately showcases your growth as a teacher candidate, using Picasa or Animoto (
This may seem like a lot of information to take in right now with Lab C beginning next week. This information is simply available to give you an introduction to what you will be experiencing in Lab D. This will be your last time to teach in EDU 255 and we want this to be your best moment of the semester!
Attached is a link to several Lab D reflections including the various documents you will need to attach to your post.  Please use these as inspiration to guide your own reflections and attention to details. If your blogs don't look as detailed, thorough, and attractive - then you're probably not spending enough time figuring things out and problem-solving. There are tons of ways to improve your blog to make it more attractive and useful as a teaching tool.
  1. Jack Murphy Fall 2009 - Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure!
  2. Patrick Wingler Fall 2009 - This is It! Let's Dance!
  3. Mike Koral Fall 2009 - Vancouver or Bust!
  4. Rachel Phillips Fall 2009 - Dancing Like a Star!
  5. Miles Levesque Spring 2010 - Lab D in the Water!
Like in previous labs, you will need to analyze your teaching lesson to see how you can improve student learning. You will need to use the following forms plus a new one called content development. Forms:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GatorMan - Fittest Man on the Planet & Skill Development (625)

You might ask yourself what does this E:60 report on Paul Bedard, more than just your average alligator wrestler, have to do with motor development... but keep watching and from 3:43 on you will start to see a clearer picture. How could the "Fittest Man on the Planet" recover from a tragic accident that confined him to a wheelchair, require extensive rehabilitation just to walk and move around, then continue to compete in ultramarathons?
Both cycling and interacting with animals would always be a big part of Paul's life. In his early twenties while earning a BA from the University of Massachusetts Paul became an elite level triathlete. At the age of 24, Paul became the youngest athlete (at the time) to finish a Double Iron Triathlon (4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike and a 52.4 mile run; all done back to back without stopping). By 1998 Paul's weekly training regiment often consisted of 5 to 10 miles of swimming; 500 to 600 miles of cycling and over 100 miles of running. In 1999 the long training helped him win the Oddessy Double Iron Triathlon.
Let's keep his story in mind as we continue our journey to examining how motor development never ends throughout the lifespan and how we are constantly affected by our genetics through affordances and rate-limiters, although neither of those components determine outcomes on their own.

I also wanted to highlight one of my all time favorite videos from TED Talks looking at skill improvement though classical piano playing until you get to the "One Buttock" position with only one impulse in the phrase. Check out the second video with Ben Zander this time with a young cellist Nikoli, working on very specialized skills, albeit in the musical realm; however, teaching is teaching. My use of these comparisons and metaphors is to expand your view on how passion, intent, and honest feedback can inspire all of us to teach high-quality education through the physical and to teach students about POSSIBILITY.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Rockstars of 201

I hope you Rockstars are enjoying your break and getting ready for St. Mary's lab. Things to think of with lab: do not wait until the last minute to submit your games and do not wait until the last minute to ask for Lab Assistant for help. Your Lab Assistants are very busy with their own work and will not be able to help at the drop of the hat. Lab Assistants are here to help and would love to, but giving them a few days notice is better for everyone involved. Remember, Lab 3 is superhero so dress up but keep them appropriate. Looking forward to see what costumes everyone comes up with, the kids will love it I'm sure!

Friday, October 15, 2010

PowerPoint Games (201, 255)

PowerPoint Games
This is one of the best sites I've found for free PowerPoint and other MS games for your classes. Be sure to get familiar with how to download them and use them as they will be part of a future assignment and part of your final exam.

PDF creator and converter giveaway - PDFTiger

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat or the ability to create PDF's from your software, grab this freebie before Oct. 21st.  Be sure to register it using the code provided at the website.  You can even convert PDF's to editable documents.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clarifying Objectives, Cues, & Feedback (255)

Watching and listening to the latest installments of your Ultimate Teaching Segments has been great and we've seen huge improvements in your energy levels and commitment to helping your students learn. Don't forget that you need to be sure to clarify which objectives you want your students to accomplish and have them listed on your lesson plan.  Be sure to check out this Lesson Plan presentation (adapted via Dr. Columna) for more clarifications and information.
  • Even though your students have to do multiple skills/movements, on which one in particular do you want to focus? 
  • Did you use that same cue in your Task, Cue, Challenge?  
  • Did you give specific and congruent feedback to the task and cue?  
  • Did you assess the students on that same objective, cue, and feedback. That is the alignment we are looking for and that which will help simplify your teaching and improve student learning. 
  • Here are your videos from today.
  • Here are your MP3's to listen and transcribe your lessons.  You should download them and save them to your computer and or MP3 player.
  • You should have also downloaded Picasa (a photo program as instructed several weeks ago).
  • Besides a reflection on what you did well and what you need to work on, be sure to use your knowledge of NASPE and NYS Standards as well as information from our text and readings. Your statements should show your ability to synthesize information from your perspective as a teacher candidate as well your ability to show how this will affect student learning and motivation.
  • You will also need to embed your video and mp3 onto your blog so that anyone can just press a button and watch/listen. Do not make anyone leave your blog.
  • Here are the forms to use to analyze your lessons.
  • All these forms, reflection, and media need to be on one blog post. Have fun and remember that you hold your own learning and education in your own hands and hearts.

The Great Debate..begins (201)

The Great Debate has begun and the deliberations and rebuttals will continue next Monday in class. Congratulations on the great start and solid presentations.  We saw and heard some great arguments that were grounded in theory and national standards. Remember....
The Great Debate is on to determine which curriculum emphasis is more appropriate for the students in New York State. Remember our end goal is to have grade 12 students physically educated and in part that means being a recreationally competent mover in six activities/sports, a proficient mover in three other activities/sports spread across at least three different activity categories.  Here are the forms which are the basis for our assignment. This assignment is really a synthesis activity that is placing you in the context of a real educational situation. Although I have shown you some resources, these are not the only ones. Here are some others


Sunday, October 10, 2010

If you're a PIRATE and you know it !!!!

Ahoy my fellow mateys ... what a cannon blast of fun lab was at Saint Mary's school this past week. Between walking the plank and college kids dressed as pirates I don't know where to start. Each of the four groups did an outstanding job of weathering the storm whether it be the chaos of kids screaming or teaching great games. The gym group did a great job in making tag a fun and easy game for all the kids to play. A simple game with so many variations the children enjoyed "toilet tag" and also "partners" tag. Another great game that the gym group played was leap frog. We also cant forget about turtle tag either... These games did a great job in showing the locomotive abilities of children and we clearly saw running, skipping and hopping. In the Cafeteria group we got a good lesson on how to play with Lego's and checkers again.A great game that the cafeteria group played in the gym was called "Twizzler" in which the kids did a twizzle like movement. In the Pre-K group we worked on coloring inside and outside of the lines. We worked on color associating with shapes and puzzles. The best part however was the book which was "How I became a Pirate" by Melinda Long and David Shannon. We can not forget about the special projects group either though... the pictures were great and the closet looks cleaner than ever before. A key term we learned about was executive control and also executive learning. These two terms relate to attaining attention of the children than teaching them something and knowing they understood and can perform what you taught them.  All in and all it was a great "heave ho" or push forward in making our Physical Education experience one that will last for ever !!!

Arghhh !!!

RunDown (255)

I hope this message finds you well. It was great to see you all at the Mini-Conference yesterday! It was a great day and I hope you all were able to visit various sessions and take in all we had to offer. I'm going to give you a run down of what is going on in class:

Lab B-2:

Due to the mini-conference canceling class this past Friday, we are pushing Lab B-2 back one day. On Monday October 11, 2010, we will meet in the classroom to prep for Lab B-2 which will take place on Wednesday October 13, 2010 and Monday October 18, 2010. Check the course schedule on GoogleDocs to see which day you will be teaching.
Lab C:
Lab C teaching dates will remain the same as they had been announced in class on Wednesday. You and your teaching partner will be responsible for finding a skill, game, or activity from another country and not only teaching us the game but also teaching us the culture as well. You will be given 20 minutes to teach with each person receiving 10 minutes each. Lesson plans are due 3-7 days before hand. Begin to look for these games and try to have an idea of what you want to do this Monday. There is also a packet due after you teach and you can find the date on the course schedule on GoogleDocs. Remember: For Lab C, off-campus locations and the swimming pool are not permitted. We also will review your choice with the checklist you filled out and place you in something in which you may be uncomfortable teaching. The only way to learn is to do.
Lab D:
Details coming soon...
If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself or any of the other lab assistants for help. Keep up to date on your blog posts. Due dates for reflections are listed on the course schedule on GoogleDocs. Remember, we want to help you become great teachers! Never be afraid to ask questions!

Best Wishes,
     - Jack Murphy ~
     - Rachel Phillips ~
     - Jenna Monahan ~
     - Bart White ~

Friday, October 8, 2010


Today we hosted our 30th "Mini-Conference"but it was the second year of holding it in conjunction with NYSAHPERD Southern Zone.  With a diverse selection of presenters and topics, we were able to really capture the spirit of teaching through the physical.   It was a really well organized and run and besides the typical presentations, there were also apparel sales, used equipment and supplies sale, and vendors here at SUNY Cortland. From salsa lessons to exergaming, disc golf to fencing, and workshops for administrators and Special Olympics, there was always plenty to do, see, hear, and absorb. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the PE Majors Club and Dr. Malmberg, to all the presenters and to you for attending - if only virtually.  See You Next Year!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lab B2 and Lab C RUNDOWN (255)

Fellow rockstars, make sure you know how to fill out your feedback analysis sheet, time coding sheet, and transcript for Lab B2. If you have any questions regarding any of these PLEASE ask either Professor Yang or any of the lab assistants. All of your reflections are looking good so keep up the good work!
Lab C - International Games and Actvities Worksheet
Be sure to communicate with your partner to figure out what game or activity you will be teaching and start researching. This lab is a lot of fun because you get to bring out your creative side. The more interested and enthusiastic you are about what you are teaching, the more fun your students will have. Try to really think outside the box, and really get into the history of the game or activity and the culture of the country. You may also look at E16 in the packet for help. You can also start working on your lesson plans. Make sure you have either Yang or any of the lab assistants look at your lesson plan. That means have it done 3 days to a week before hand! Again, if you have any questions feel free to ask, and have FUN with this lab! We are excited to see all you bring out your inner rockstar SHINE!!!

The Great Debate

The Great Debate is on to determine which curriculum emphasis is more appropriate for the students in New York State. Remember our end goal is to have grade 12 students physically educated and in part that means being a recreationally competent mover in six activities/sports, a proficient mover in three other activities/sports spread across at least three different activity categories.  Here are the forms which are the basis for our assignment. This assignment is really a synthesis activity that is placing you in the context of a real educational situation. Although I have shown you some resources, these are not the only ones. Here are some others