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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PE Hall of Shame

PE Hall of Shame (Part 2)  was released after the initial induction of 6 games that should not be played in physical education class. In class we discussed two of the initial inductees (Dodgeball and Kickball) and why (human targets, isolation, no choice, safety, hiding from others, skill level, etc...) they were included in the initial induction ceremony.

Click on the comment link at the bottom of this post to leave your brief (2-4 sentences) initial comment about the PE Hall of Shame inductees.  Then leave your blog URL (eg. and then go on your own blog and write and defend how you would seek to use one of these "shamed"games in your PE program (if it all). How will playing this game help your students attain the goals of being physically educated and what will be gained?  Be sure you can defend your claim to use the game(s) be providing modifications to game play, equipment, and rules.  It would help if you added pictures like Patrick's post on defending dodgeball (posted below). This assignment is due by class next Tuesday October, 27th. (Photo via iStockPhoto & Xanga)

The article written by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education on Dodgeball in physical education classes brings about some good points. In the game of dodgeball, there is a great chance the less athletic students that may need the most physical activity because of their health, are the ones getting picked on, and taken out first. I agree with this in some cases, knowing that that situation is always possible. However, simple variaitions made on the game would solve that problem, making the game more fun for everybody. Another argument that this article stated was the fact that kids get hurt becuase they are the target. I disagree with this because I believe that there is a much greater chance of a student getting hurt in some of the other sports such as football, hockey, and soccer, that are taught in our schools curriculum today. Many people tend to generalize dodgeball with the movie that came out a few years ago. First of all, the characters in that film were all grown men and women who are much stonger and can throw much faster that any student in grades K-12. Second, they were using heavy rubber kickballs, while in the league that I play in outside of school at home, we use 8' 1/2" foam balls. Of coarse, if a physical education class is using heavy rubber balls, or sometimes volleyballs, someone is going to get hurt. But that is the fault of a poor physical education teacher. In my league, using the foam balls that work equally well, not a single person has been injured (I have been playing for 4 years). Playing dodgeball the normal way with the normal rules is harmless, however other variations are possible if schools are not convinced. Variations such as making everyone throw with their weak hand only, or make a different target instead of the student, like a cone or ball, also make this game worthy of coming back into schools. Dodgeball also can improve students motor skills greatly, and even more than some other sports. Besides track in high school, Dodgeball was the only sport that I stuck with. After 4 years of playing this sport I found that it really keeps me in shape, and my hand eye coordination and reaction time improved a great deal. If the game of dodgeball should stay out of the schools curriculum, then I believe the association should be taking a look a many other sports too and their dangers, because its only fair. As long as a school has a great physical education teacher who can turn any game into a usefull activity for all students, than any sport should be allowed, including dodgeball.

Monday, October 19, 2009

SUNY Cortland - The Heart of PE

Welcome to SUNY Cortland - The Heart of Physical Education. A video montage presented at the SUNY Cortland AHPERD Conference on October 9, 2009 in Cortland, NY. More information available at

Friday, October 9, 2009

Windows of Opportunity by Alumna Dr. Judith Rink - 2009 SUNY Cortland AHPERD

Dr. Judith Rink just presented her keynote speech at the 2009 SUNY Cortland AHPERD titled "Windows of Opportunity Don't Come Often". She is a pioneer of PE and we are so glad to have her as an alumna of our SUNY Cortland PE program. Thank you Dr. Rink for taking time out of your busy schedule and for dedicating your entire career to helping improve PE all around the world.

And here is the rest of it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lab 1 Reflection & video (201)

The first lab at St.Mary's was really good with lots of energy and participation. As I mentioned to you earlier, this is not your typical teaching situation - but if you can hack it here, you can hack it anywhere. The St.Mary's students are full of life and love getting to know you. Be open to them and they will let you enter their worlds' - wherever that may take you. In your blogs talk briefly about your interactions with the students and how they're making you think about your teaching and their learning. Remember to Download Picasa ( and download whatever pictures you want to save. If there are no pictures of yourself, be sure to let me know next lab so that I can be sure to take some. Go to and sign up for an account using the code I am sending to your e-mail accounts. Choose the pictures you want to use in your short 30 second video (add text, highlight certain photos, etc.,..), choose your music and then click on create video. It takes a little time but soon you'll have your professional video ready for the world to see. From there, get the embed code and now you can paste it into your blog as I have done here. Have fun with it and let's keep an eye out for each other's videos. See you at the Mini-Conference tomorrow. Shalom

Friday, October 2, 2009

Serious "Fun" Games @ KSF 2009

Here is my presentation from #KSF2009 - Korea Serious Games Festival in Seoul last week.

And here are some more pictures from the tremendous opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Korean government has committed over $60 million dollars to supporting the digital arts, games, and content mostly within the province of Gyongi. They are opening a $20 million dollar facility to support these industries as well as education, software and hardware development. Now that's commitment. Play On Korea!