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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Power of Technology & Worldwide #PECHAT

The transformative and transparent power of technology to influence learning is all around us and is accessible to teacher-candidates of all abilities. Integrating technology into education is crucial for our students continued understanding, growth, networking and professional development.  How we choose to use them and where we place them in the learning process is our mandate. 

Specific examples of successful PE InTechGration.
Trish - Yoga lesson (video, ipad, assessments - specific congruent)
Ben - ePortfolio (unit planning, professional development)


Is this fitness?

Erwan Le Corre is the founder of “MovNat”, a synthesis of his long-term passion for real-world physical competency, his love of movement in nature, his extensive knowledge of Physical Education history, and his personal philosophy of life. He believes it is everyone’s universal and biological birthright to be strong, healthy, happy and free. He calls this state of being our “True Nature”.MovNat

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Student teaching thoughts for Rockstar PE

The elementary is such a great experience student teaching! I'm having a blast and the children love to learn! My cooperating teacher is great and does a great job with the children. This placement is terrific compared to my first placement at the high school level. Photos, videos, and more to come! Check out my blog at

Sarah Nadrowski (2013) Wins All-Around National Title

Congratulations to Sarah Nadrowski a Cortland PE Senior who won the all-around title at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) Championships, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The Cortland team won third place overall. More details can be found here.

Who profits from the NCAA March Madness?

Click image to see a larger versionMarch Basketball: Who Really Profits?College Basketball and Taxes via H&R Block