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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to the Future: Lab A2 (255)

Here is a reminder from our course syllabus about what you need to do for Monday's class when you re-do your single skill from the first day of class.  Go out and deliver a better learning experience.  We believe in you and your abilities to make PE truly transformative and transparent.
Lab A2

  1. Find out which half of the gym you will be on.
  2. You will have about 4-5 minutes to re-teach the micro-lesson of your sport skill that you originally taught in Lab A1.

  1. When your turn comes, the camera will start rolling. You may not ask your group to gather equipment before you begin your lesson.
  2. You will be given a one-minute warning and at the end of your allotted time, the video will be stopped.
  3. Once you’ve completed your lesson, please return all equipment to the center of the gym so that others may use it if needed.
  1. If time permits, an individual debrief will be conducted by SY and assisted by one or more TA’s.
  2. Once all teacher-candidates are done, and if there is time, we will do a quick debrief on some of the positive teaching elements.
  3. Find your video on our YouTube Channel ( )
  4. Grab the embed code from your video (Click here to watch how to get embed code - and paste it into your blog post (HTML tab) so that everyone can watch you teach without having to leave your blog.
  5. You will need to watch your video(s) online and reflect on what you did well, what you need to work on, and especially on how your observations will impact and improve student learning. This reflection will need to be on your blog along with at least 3 pictures from your lesson and all your videos embedded into a single post. (See Jack’s example from Day One -
  6. Download the Transcript form ( ) and complete the a transcription of your entire lesson as described on the form. 
  7. Download the Time coding form ( ) and complete the time analysis of your entire lesson as described on the form and on the time coding screencast found on the PE Tech Tips page.
  8. Once done the forms, follow the instructions to publishing a document as a webpage
    1. Go to Google Docs and upload the form (be sure the box is checked to convert the document to a Google Doc).
    2. Press the SHARE button and select the Publish as a webpage option.  
    3. Google Docs will ask you if you want to automatically republish any changes and you will say yes.
    4. Copy the URL of your newly published document and paste it on a word within your blog post.
9. All of these items are due one week from the day that you teach before class begins.
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