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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best of Us Olympic Challenge

Get in on the challenge to take on Olympians at some neat activities like picking up more tennis balls than Raf nadal or Hula Hooping longer than Lindsey Vonn.  Throw down one of their challenges or create your own.  This is a great challenge to keep up long after the Olympics and something a school or PE class might be able to do. There are even prizes to be won like a trip to Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Have fun and be safe.

Welcome to the IOC' Best of Us Challenge, where Olympic athletes challenge you to compete in some truly unique events. Just enter a video and you?ll be eligible to win some great stuff: posters, t-shirts signed by Olympians, official Olympic video games?even a trip to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver or the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Check out the challenges at or at

This is your chance to take the athletes and your peers on and show us what you?re best at. The challenges include:
-Natalie Cook (Australia, Beach Volleyball) tests your skill juggling while balancing
-Kelly Holmes (UK, Track and Field) sees how long you can twirl an umbrella
-Steve Hooker (Australia, Pole Vault) dares you to tap your head while in a handstand
-Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia, Pole Vault) wants to know how many continuous cartwheels you can do
-Lindsay Jacobellis (USA, Snowboard) wants to know how long you can hula hoop
-Shawn Johnson (USA, Gymnastics) defies you to beat her in either an egg toss or in tapping your ears while in a handstand
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