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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Passion, Commitment, Pursuing Your Dreams & Goals

George Lopez is willing to try a lot of new skits, material and interactions for his studio audience in hopes that it ranslates well to the TV viewers.  Bringing internet sensation Lin Yu Chun to perform his Whitney Houston's "Saving all my love" and a duet with Academy Award William "Capitan Kirk" Shatner “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was awesome. Watch and listen to the audience as Lin delivers on the high and low notes of these technically difficult songs.  Not only is he singing the correct words and notes, but he is in tune and has very few pitch issues.  More remarkable is his ability to interpret the songs in the way similar to the original version with his own interpretations and within the limits of his vocal range and ability.  
  • Can you tell he speaks very little English? 
  • Can you tell he has never been on TV in the US prior to this performance? 
  • How many hours do you think Lin practiced at his craft of singing? 
  • How many times did he hit a wrong note or wrong lyrics? 
  • How many times do you think people told him that he is a terrible or can't sing?
  • How many times do you think people told him he would never be successful?
  • How much time do you spend planning and researching your lessons/activities?
  • How much time do you spend practicing and rehearsing your lessons/activities?
  • Do you seek others feedback and input?
  • Do you record yourself (audio/video) while rehearsing your teaching segments?
  • Do you ask your teachers, TA's and peers questions about your assignments?
  • What are you willing to do in order for you to perform at an equally high level that is eventually recognized as being inspiring? 
Applications for Learning
As teachers, we all have our comfort areas and expertise in certain sports, activities, games, etc...  The challenge for teachers everywhere is to continue to learn and adopt the mission of lifelong learning. Do whatever it takes for you to help your students engage in more meaningful and impacting learning experiences.  Take classes in other areas to broaden your base of knowledge, learn from others how to improve your blogs (or visit this PE Tech page on Rockstar PE Wiki), take clinics in First Aid Certification so that you can certify your own students in Emergency First Aid, and in general never stop learning. Don't wait for others to "give" you what you think you deserve, go out and become the inspirational, transformative leader.

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