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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lab 1 Reflection & video (201)

The first lab at St.Mary's was really good with lots of energy and participation. As I mentioned to you earlier, this is not your typical teaching situation - but if you can hack it here, you can hack it anywhere. The St.Mary's students are full of life and love getting to know you. Be open to them and they will let you enter their worlds' - wherever that may take you. In your blogs talk briefly about your interactions with the students and how they're making you think about your teaching and their learning. Remember to Download Picasa ( and download whatever pictures you want to save. If there are no pictures of yourself, be sure to let me know next lab so that I can be sure to take some. Go to and sign up for an account using the code I am sending to your e-mail accounts. Choose the pictures you want to use in your short 30 second video (add text, highlight certain photos, etc.,..), choose your music and then click on create video. It takes a little time but soon you'll have your professional video ready for the world to see. From there, get the embed code and now you can paste it into your blog as I have done here. Have fun with it and let's keep an eye out for each other's videos. See you at the Mini-Conference tomorrow. Shalom

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