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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homework Assignment

Here is the information I sent everyone in the email... See everyone Friday!!

For Friday please have the following done:
-Fill out the Time Coding form, that was shown in class on Wednesday. Make sure you color coordinate each section so we can see what you have done.
-Once the Time Coding form is all filled out upload the form to your blog and make a post about what you get out of looking at this form. Try and let us know how you could make things a little better or even different the next time you teach.
Time coding form (10 second intervals)
Feedback Analysis
Content Development

Don't Forget:
Friday we will be in the GYM redoing your first teaching assignment!!
Geo and Alex be ready to teach your instant activity if you need help with an idea or what to do contact one of the TA's that is what they are here for!

Here are some helpful links for your blog-
Chris' help screencasts


Google docs and embed videos to your blog

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