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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lab D is the Event Horizon... But What Do We Need to Do?

For all you rockers in EDU 255, Lab D may seem rather far away but it is much closer than you think. This is your time to shine as a developing teacher. You will be given 20 minutes in which to teach a lesson on a topic that will be provided to you within the upcoming weeks. You are given the topic and are given the freedom to choose whatever skill or concept you desire.
But, hey, what are we supposed to do for this lab?
  1. EACH teacher candidate will need to provide to your teaching assistants as well as S (at a minimum of 3 days in advance) with:
    1. A completed lesson plan. The earlier you send it in, the more feedback can be provided to assist you in developing a strong lesson. 
    2. An activity progression sheet with a minimum of 4activity progressions due at the time you teach. 
    3. A psychomotor, cognitive, and affective assessment tool that could be used during your lesson to measure student achievement.
    4. If you fail to send us your drafts (lesson plans, task progression, and assessment) at least 3 days ahead of your teaching time, then you will not be able to teach and thus will FAIL the course.
  2. You will need to include a form of technology integrated into your lesson. This is not simply using a music player or speaker. You need to find a way to incorporate more advanced technology. This includes heart rate monitors, iDance (if applicable), projection screen and projector with your laptop. Technology is becoming more evident in physical education and this will give you the opportunity to practice this method.
  3. Similar to Lab C, a resource packet will be due following your teaching session. If will be similar to Lab C, however, there will be several more advanced materials involved (See E-16 in your course packet for more details). However, like in Lab C, you will need to complete a scope and sequence and a block plan.
  4. You will also need to make a collage from your teaching to showcase your newly formed teaching skills using Picasa. (
  5. You will also need to complete a movie using the pictures we've taken and adding appropriate music that accurately showcases your growth as a teacher candidate, using Picasa or Animoto (
This may seem like a lot of information to take in right now with Lab C beginning next week. This information is simply available to give you an introduction to what you will be experiencing in Lab D. This will be your last time to teach in EDU 255 and we want this to be your best moment of the semester!
Attached is a link to several Lab D reflections including the various documents you will need to attach to your post.  Please use these as inspiration to guide your own reflections and attention to details. If your blogs don't look as detailed, thorough, and attractive - then you're probably not spending enough time figuring things out and problem-solving. There are tons of ways to improve your blog to make it more attractive and useful as a teaching tool.
  1. Jack Murphy Fall 2009 - Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure!
  2. Patrick Wingler Fall 2009 - This is It! Let's Dance!
  3. Mike Koral Fall 2009 - Vancouver or Bust!
  4. Rachel Phillips Fall 2009 - Dancing Like a Star!
  5. Miles Levesque Spring 2010 - Lab D in the Water!
Like in previous labs, you will need to analyze your teaching lesson to see how you can improve student learning. You will need to use the following forms plus a new one called content development. Forms:

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