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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clarifying Objectives, Cues, & Feedback (255)

Watching and listening to the latest installments of your Ultimate Teaching Segments has been great and we've seen huge improvements in your energy levels and commitment to helping your students learn. Don't forget that you need to be sure to clarify which objectives you want your students to accomplish and have them listed on your lesson plan.  Be sure to check out this Lesson Plan presentation (adapted via Dr. Columna) for more clarifications and information.
  • Even though your students have to do multiple skills/movements, on which one in particular do you want to focus? 
  • Did you use that same cue in your Task, Cue, Challenge?  
  • Did you give specific and congruent feedback to the task and cue?  
  • Did you assess the students on that same objective, cue, and feedback. That is the alignment we are looking for and that which will help simplify your teaching and improve student learning. 
  • Here are your videos from today.
  • Here are your MP3's to listen and transcribe your lessons.  You should download them and save them to your computer and or MP3 player.
  • You should have also downloaded Picasa (a photo program as instructed several weeks ago).
  • Besides a reflection on what you did well and what you need to work on, be sure to use your knowledge of NASPE and NYS Standards as well as information from our text and readings. Your statements should show your ability to synthesize information from your perspective as a teacher candidate as well your ability to show how this will affect student learning and motivation.
  • You will also need to embed your video and mp3 onto your blog so that anyone can just press a button and watch/listen. Do not make anyone leave your blog.
  • Here are the forms to use to analyze your lessons.
  • All these forms, reflection, and media need to be on one blog post. Have fun and remember that you hold your own learning and education in your own hands and hearts.

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