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Monday, May 17, 2010

Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

Imagine in your sixth grade festival/ Talent Show you break out some Lady Gaga on the piano, "Paparazzi" to be specific. Besides totally committing to communicating his passion for the song, in his own way - watch some of the students in the audience as some of them are in totally awe, and of course there are others that have no idea what they just witnessed. For this viral video, in just over 2 weeks, had more than 15 million views and his already been on Ellen. Believe that you can make a difference and totally commit and work like mad to make your dream become reality. Make it so!

Oh...write your own song, create a YouTube Channel, post your song and have 2.25 million views = PRICELESS! This is the transformative power of technology. Learn to harness its power and make changes that are necessary in our world, community, and schools. Go Greyson and Go RockStars!
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