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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Commitment to Learning Never Ends

How committed are you to your student's learning? How far are you willing to go to help them? As I've alluded to numerous times, teaching is a performing art and it's important that you practice lots and learn to teach in different styles.  Watch how this Stanford faculty member and student get down to teaching the ATP / Kreb's Cycle and not just merely memorizing some facts. You will need to to put together a video to teach others all about Learning to teach PE like a Rockstar (accountability, standards, objectives, lesson plans, pedagogy, exergames, etc...).  I really like how the lyrics are scrolling along with the video and that can be done through YouTube or any video editing program.  I also suggest we pre-record the song and then shoot and edit the video. This is going to be great and we will showcase the video and a live performance at the end of the semester PE Talent Show.  Let's plan to really show what a great program PE is and how incredibly passionate and dedicated our students and faculty are.

The science rappers from Stanford are back. If you liked their take on regulatin’ genes, check out their new number on how the body converts food into energy. The song is performed by Derrick Davis, a student at Stanford, and Tom McFadden, an instructor in the human biology program there. Mr. McFadden (he’s the one wearing sunglasses and a plaid shirt in the video above) explained the project to me:
I’ve found that subjects like glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain are some of the most feared and loathed concepts among people who’ve taken biology, mainly because some teachers emphasize memorization over concepts. Yet in reality, the way we turn “what we eat” into “what we do” is so relevant to everyone’s daily life that it ought to be inherently interesting. The video stylistically pays homage to two songs, “Hate it or Love it,” by 50 cent, and “On to the next one,” by Jay-Z. Once again, instead of bragging about stacks of cash we’re rapping about making “stacks” of ATP.”
And here is the rest of it.
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