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Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking back at the first day of the semester and comparing to what I see when I reflect on each of my teaching videos, I can see a vast difference in many aspects of my teaching as well as my character. As I recall being thrown into a lesson on the first day of class I can remember the nerves that came with that task as well as the mistakes which were made during the lesson. As each lesson after this, it was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a physical education teacher. From that first day of class, I have taken bits of information and little tricks to help me with the next lesson I will teach. This is what teaching is, learning with each lesson and constantly adapting, and improving with each day. Looking at the previous lessons of wheelchair handball, and bowling I feel that I have improved in that my nerves are not from the mere idea of teaching, rather the idea of teaching the lesson the best I can. From this class I have taken with me more knowledge and information than I could have ever imagined. Rather then a class, I feel that 255 was an overall experience. I have learned many things that I still have to work on, such as projecting my voice. I have learned various ways to incorporate technology into physical education. This is very important in that society is moving more and more towards technology and it is the best way to get young kids involved and active. I have learned many important things about physical education as well as myself as a teacher candidate. In doing so, I am more confident in my abilities and I feel that I am a better physical education teacher candidate, and more prepared for the future.

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