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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surprise teaching for 255

Welcome 255 Rockers and I am glad you were so responsive to show off your stuff so early in the semester.  Your willingness to learn and receive feedback will provide more opportunities to grow for the rest of your careers. We never stop learning and growing around here.  I have a saying that "when a teacher stops thinking and caring about student learning, it's time to move on and/change careers."
Here is the playlist for all of your videos from yesterday.  

Once you find your video please follow these instructions to add it to your own blog and reflect on the things you thought you did well and then follow it up with a couple of things you would like to work on next time.  

- that no teaching lesson/segment will be perfect
- that we must always keep in mind the learner, 
- that we must ask if learning occurred, and 
- if the students are more physically educated from your lesson and interactions.
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