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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning to teach like a ROCKSTAR

In today's 255 class everyone had a great time. this shows how easy it is to make an activity exciting with little amount of time. On Friday students will be re-teaching their lab A. This will give you a chance to get a little more practice.

Thing to keep in mind: (Just a few tips)
            Introduce yourself- This is a must.

            Have a safety statement- your job as a teacher candidate is to provide a safe learning environment so a little reminder of what to stay within or to follow is key.

            Hook- Although hooks are great with only 4 minutes to teach it is understandable not to have one.

            Demonstrate with cues- Break down the skill that you are focusing on and there is your cues.

            Feedback- Always give feedback that goes along with your cues.

            Close- Remind them how great they did and add a little spice for next class to keep them excited!

   This is everything that you will want to know and review before teaching.

Remember have fun and be loud.
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