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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Success of Failure - Lab A

Now that we've had the opportunity to teach twice in less than two weeks, we hope that these practice sessions will encourage reflective growth and exploration of the art and science of teaching and learning. We've seen some great initial use of pedagogical tools and with more practice, failures, and "teachable moments" we will get better.

Here are the photos from our micro-lessons so please use them to support your blog posts.  Please download the software program (Picasa) so that you will be able to do other assignments later in the semester. Also once you find a photo in the album you want to download - press the "Action" button then scroll down to "Download Photo. If you try to right click and save or drag the photo to your computer the resolution is much lower than you will need for later on.

Speaking of failure, I saw this great post on CNN about failure for a Pulitzer Prize winning author and I love this statement:
"The key is struggling a lot," she says.
As we mentioned in class you don't learn anything by being successful at it the first time. It is through our struggles and failures that we learn to focus and correct for the next time and the reason why practice is so important to our profession. Just because you do something once does not make you a reflective and ever-improving teacher.

Here is another post from last semester about Manny Pacquio's intense training and sparring regiments prior to a fight. Check it out and see how you might apply similar techniques to your teaching lessons.
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