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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lab C
Wednesday Group one will be teaching.  You will need your lesson plans and Activity Progressions sheets done and turned in.
Groups teaching Friday 24th, Monday 27th, and Wednesday 29th will need to turn in their lesson plans and Activity Progressions sheets Friday the 24th.
Remember to print out your lesson plan to look onto while teaching, set up and check technology before starting class, setting up posters and equipment (hope fully its signed out), and have a common plan with your group members ie: same play list for music or same rules poster. Also practice with the equipment before teaching with it. You may find using a certain ball is not working or a scooters wheel is broken and you are not aware of it until the lesson has started. Lastly have fun!
If you go to the Lab C and D link you will see what is needed for the lab C packets. You may want to work together to do the scoping sequence (this is allowed). Be creative with these Packets you most likely will be using these in your portfolio! 
The packets are due Wednesday the 29th printed and shared on Google.

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