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Thursday, September 29, 2011

To All You 256 Teacher Candidates Out There

Hello 255 Rockstars and Rebels.  I hope your semester is coming along well, and I hope you are all excited about your Field Experience that is coming up this Winter.  So far, you have had two class meetings for your 256 Experience.  Just to give you all a heads up for what is to come if you have not heard already.  There will be a number of Modules that you will have to organize in a binder with all of you assignments through your Field Experience.  There will be interviews with students, teachers and possibly administrators.  You will have to write lesson plans for the units in which your host teacher has planned.  Remember that you are not only going to be representing yourself, but SUNY Cortland and our highly commended Physical Education Department.

One thing 255 is preparing you for is making a bulletin board.  You will have to do this during your experience as a gift to the school, students and your host teacher.  It can be anything relating to Physical Education so be creative.  Maybe you want to give your students some insight on their current unit, or maybe something to do with fitness.  For mine, I chose to do a "New Year's" theme.  Everyone always says they are going to get in shape as their New Year's Resolution, so I came up with ways they could stay active all year.

I came up with activities that coincide with the month and season.  For example skiing/snowshoeing in the winter, and hiking/biking in spring and summer months.  I explained why these were good ways to stay active, but I also told them places in the area in which they could participate...NYSLS 3-Resource Management.  So, come up with ideas because it is not too early.

One last word of advice that I hope you take...DO NOT wait until the last minute to finish your notebook.
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