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Monday, September 26, 2011

Friendship Games Visit St.Mary's Stars & End Goals

View of Camp Naue YMCA, children playing Duck ...Image via WikipediaAfter-school today will be a lot of fun and developmentally appropriate games and activities centered around the theme of friendship.  It is an important to remember that games and skills are not the only end-goals. As I've mentioned previously, I can hire any one without a PE degreee to play Red Rover, Dodgeball, Duck Duck Goose. Our goal is to ensure that we are highly qualified and trained to bring about learning centered around our three domains of learning (psychomotor, cognitive, affective) taking into consideration the needs, skills, and abilities of our students.

Starting next week for prep lab, you will each need to submit your games/activiteis to the Games Planner three days prior to your prep lab and you must have the game,  all props, visual aids, and equipment ready to be tested at your prep lab. Failure to prepare means you're preparing to fail.
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