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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Success Knows No Boundaries (470)

We often talk about overcoming obstacles and attaining new heights as if it were a catch phrase from a news broadcast but do we really know what its like to achieve thing most people think is impossible? This ESPN broadcast of the Gallaudet University women's basketball team is proof positive of that success has no bias. A great turnaround record of 14-12 last season was a stepping stone to a 24-3 record this season and earned them a spot in the Div. III tournament this spring. From the coach having to learn sign language to communicate with his players to his players learning how to read their opponents better, this team epitomizes what we want to instill in our students. Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, & Rapport = SUNY Cortland PE Dept Positive Learning Framework

Points to Ponder (P2P):
  1. As a new teacher or coach, would you take on a position for which you don't have all the necessary skills or knowledge?
  2. Would you be willing to learn new skills, tactics, philosophies, technologies, and even languages to help your students?
  3. What came to mind as you watched the players using American Sign Language with the subtitles?
  4. Do you know Sign Language and did you know that infants can learn to sign before they can speak? 
  5. What is the sign for running, stopping, thirsty, hurt, and other signs you will one day use in the gym?
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