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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PE InTECHgration: PLN, file sharing, blogs oh my!

In our class we've been really pushing our traditional thoughts about how to use technology to effectively communicate our mission, manage student learning, and develop our own Personal Learning Networks (PLN).

Blogging Platforms

  1. Blogger
  2. Posterous
  3. Tumblr
  4. Wordpress
  5. Glogster

RSS Readers
  1. Google Reader

Micro-Blogging sites/platforms
  1. Twitter
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Tweetdeck
  4. Gist
Creating Online Newspapers/Journal/Magazines 

Bookmarking Sites

  1. Diigo - RockstarPE
  2. Delicious

File-sharing & Online Storage
  1. We used to share large files quickly;
  2. Picasa Software and Picasa Webalbums;
  3. Uploading documents to Google Docs is a great way to share with other and to back up your files;
  4. Using DropBox as a means to manage files on separate computers as well as create Public Folders/Files (Referral Code: - I get 500MB extra storage and you will get an extra 250MB for signing up using my code); 
  5. Using to share files and folders as well as play media files without having to download the file;
  6. You might want to think about using Insync to back up your Google Docs

Class Portals & Grade Sheets

  1. Excel
  2. Google Docs spreadsheets
  3. Edmodo
  4. Goalbook
Video & Slideshow movies, presentations, collages
  1. Picasa
  2. Animoto
  3. YouTube
  4. Windows Movie Maker
  5. iMovie
As you can see the number of tools that you have available is incredible and it is really up to you to try them out and see which ones will help you in your mission to create a  healthier generation that is more informed, active, and aware of their health and wellness.
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