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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Should young children play sports with long-handled sticks? (201)

We've seen a lot of good responses from the question I posed in class.
Should young children play sports with long-handled sticks? 
Many of you gave some convincing arguments about its use and many of you also cited your experience as kids playing with hockey, lacrosse, badminton, etc.. Take a look at the great responses posted by Jessica, Andrew E, Jon, and Nathan as they clearly make the case of providing a safe and positive environment (Remember environment - task - learner).  Remember to not only state your case, but list the reasons why you feel that way and provide evidence from the textbook or other RELIABLE source (provide LINKS like Aaron did).  Despite all the positive remarks, as a general comment most of you did not mention the importance of being developmentally appropriate and what the general progression is for striking.  Most of us assumed that striking follows stability and locomtion (which it does) but what must we be able to strike with before using an implement of any length? Let's pick up our discussion there.  Here are some other tips for your blogs:
  • Use a catchy title. It will draw your readers in and get their attention (think HOOK)
  • State your case and use evidence to back up your claim.
  • Find images that support your claim and help communicate what you are trying to say in words.
  • Finish the post off with an Action Item.  Something that will get your readers to do, think, or react in a different manner. 
Please read Chapter 3, 18 and 19 and comment in general how these games compare to the many HALL OF SHAME games (1994 and 1996) we often experienced in the OLD PE.  What is your general reaction to seeing some of your favorite games included.  If you were to play one of these SHAME games, how would you alter it so that it meets the requirement of being developmentally appropriate for your students?  In other words, how would you justify playing these games today so that it fits in with NYS Learning Standards and NASPE Standards for high-quality PE?
DUE: Posted to your blog on Wednesday, September 29th or Monday October, 4th (if you ask for the latter date, I will allow it). See last semester's examples from Patrick,  Ben, Jen, Megan, Chelsea, and Jack.

Remember that your Lab 1 reflections (general thoughts and reactions to the lab and working with students) and write-ups (posted and published to Google Docs - PE TECH TIPS ) are due next week prior to lab. See Google Doc PED 201 St. Mary's Games Planner (embedded form below) for more information.
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