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Sunday, February 5, 2012

255 Lab B Tips

Hey Rock stars I hope everybody is practicing for their lab B, it is quickly approaching. From what I saw everyone was off to a great start!!! Don't forget, teaching is not only about being able to do the skill but also to teach your students how to do the skill. The first thing to think about when teaching is your cues; your cues set the basis for your whole lesson. They should be descriptive but also short so the students can remember them easily; try and keep the lesson to only three main cues. Next is be creative, everybody is teaching jump rope, what can you do to set your lesson apart from everyone else’s? Some things to think about are music, different activities, etc. Anything unique that comes to mind, give it a try because you never know what will work. It is helpful to create a trademark for yourself, something you can always go to, and once again, makes you stand out. Most importantly bring high energy, after five other people teaching some kind of jump rope skill if your energy is low then your lesson will be a flop. Energy is very contagious and you need to provide it in order to be successful. I hope everyone is practicing very hard to master all of your skills to deliver a lesson to be proud of. Ultimately, remember to utilize what you have, all of the TA’s are more then willing to help you and give you ideas!!

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