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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Attention 201 Rockstars!

Rockstars, do not forget to blog about your recent visit to St. Mary's.  Please remember to upload your game for your next lab to the Google docs.  For Monday's lab please have it completed by 5pm this friday Feb. 10, and for Wednesday's lab please have it completed by this Sunday Feb. 12. Thanks!

Also please publish your reflections to your blog one week from your lab experience.  This includes your reflection, the answers to your lab questions, as well as at least 3 pictures.

Click here for St. Mary's Game Planner.

Also do not forget to check out the photo album!  This is a helpful tool to use not only for uploading the pictures to your block, but for using the pictures as artifacts to use in your portfolio.  Take advantage of this great opportunity that Dr. Yang offers for you!

Click here for Picasa photo album from Labs 1 and 2. Thumbs Up!

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