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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lab C Blasting off with Hantis

We had a great start to lab C with Hantis being our sport for grades 4 (Kyle), 8 (Eric), and 12 (Mike). It was great to see the creators of Hantis send you a video to thank and encourage you all to enjoy the sport they created. I hope it shows us all the power of social media and importance of communicating in the digital age. You never know what can happen from here... Go Hantilators!

Remember the objective is to teach the through the physical and especially for this lab the culture from which the sport came.  Your Lab C C9 forms are in our Google Docs folder so please download them and if you choose, you may post to your blog (but you are not obligated). You should also have your peer feedback form that was given to you after you taught. You have one week to get all your analyses, reflections, photos and video uploaded to your blog.  Be sure you know what needs to get done for lab C.

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