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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Student Teaching: Expectations for New Experiences

Some of you PE Rockstars may be getting ready to Student Teach next semester. Maybe you are still a whole year away. Either way, it is never too late to start preparing. I am sure you are all excited and anxious to begin this new experience as you should be. Of course, you have put in some time during your Field Experiences, but this brings it to a new level. Now, you have the chance to feel the experience of being a teacher. It becomes reality. Think about the times you have sat in class and learned about "Behavioral Management;" things to look for, some possible actions you must take. Now, think about how you will actually take action because trust me, you will face issues.

When it comes to teaching your lessons, jump in as soon as possible. Take some time in the beginning to do some observation, get to know the facilities and equipment, the kids names and to see how your Cooperating Teacher runs his/her class.  Progress into teaching some warm ups or maybe a class here and there. Then, you might want to start teaching every other class until you are comfortable enough to take the full work load.  Your cooperating teacher is there to help you. They know it is YOUR experience. Never be afraid to ask them for anything.

The most important part of your Student Teaching Experience is your PROFESSIONALISM. You are there representing yourself, as well as SUNY Cortland. You need to be well prepared every day, and present yourself in the school as if you are part of the faculty. This will do wonders for your "Professional Development" so, do whatever it takes to get your name out there even if it is just saying "Hi" to teachers in the hallway. Take part in anything possible. Recently, I have had the opportunity to receive training with the entire PE Department with the XerPro SportWall. The school district has received great new equipment via grant. To promote the grant, the school district put on a Family Fitness Night in which students and parents were invited to attend and participate in physical activity.  I have also sat in on a PE Department meeting to discuss upcoming events, grant options and new ideas including Project Adventure.

I could go on and on so, I leave this message with you: Do everything you are required to do and MORE. There is always a different experience to improve your Professional Development. Take advantage of it.
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