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Friday, February 10, 2012

Scary Student-teaching: Working (it) Out

Student-teaching (ST) is on the horizon for many of you and I wanted to share some words and experiences from your fellow Cortland Rockstars PE Student Teachers.

Be sure to check out Ben Paquette's experiences incorporating Minute To Win It Fitness Unit with some exergaming (Jackie Chan J-Mat) to provide timed trials and feedback.

First period went off with a hit(ch) and was a complete success, students were sweating, working hard, cheering on their teammates, captains came out in the groups (which wasn’t even thought of) and after reviewing the results the students that we thought would be weaker, were actually the students doing the best! In the fast feet challenge, I had students breaking records and a Kindergartner get 86 steps in 10 seconds… it was so unbelievable and impressive we decided to submit his name into the morning announcements with the 5th and 6th grade teams. Overall the teams were even and worked out in all my classes today. Behavioral problems were minimal to the point Mrs. Drumm commented, “This is almost scary, how well everyone is working together and actually working hard”. Overall today was amazing, it felt great to know my hard work came together and worked out!

Ryan Carpenter just emailed me with this update of a recent workshop for new exergaming equipment that arrived via a PEP grant.

Hope this semester is going well for you. Thought I would shoot you an e-mail today after the training I did with my Cooperating Teacher and the PE teachers in the school district.  The school district just received a large grant this year for PE, and they're bringing in a lot of new equipment.  They just started putting in XerPro SPORTWALLs, and we got to play some games on it with different variations and ideas. Put in a pretty solid workout with different shuttle runs, sit ups and throwing games.  It was a good time, and thought I would share it with you.
Hope all is well,
Ryan C 

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