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Friday, May 11, 2012

InPE = The PE Interviews

Here are my interviews with Dr. Ernie Medina, Paul Zientarski, Ken Reed, Ed Kassanders and George Velarde at the Phil Lawler DuPage County Institute For PE, Health, Driver Ed.held in Naperville, IL back in March 2012. With a special message for SUNY Cortland PE teacher-candidates and student-teachers.

Note: Phil Lawler was the crusader who helped to refocus physical education to a wellness-based model that encourages fitness for a lifetime. 

Ken Reed
Game Changer captures the passion of this legend in the field of physical education who believed that every child—regardless of athletic ability—should be given a chance to find an activity he or she can embrace and enjoy for a lifetime.
Ken Reed's book Game Changer (based on Phil Lawler's mission) is available

Dr. Ernie Medina
Dr. Medina practice and business centers around using technology to improve health including using exergames and mobile applications -

In this interview he showed his Mobile Adventure Walk app - and discussed how important it is to be unique as well as practical in addressing the needs of his patients. Certainly a message we can all relate to.

George Velarde
Be sure to check out George's PE programs for lots of information and some of the programs they run at Sierra Vista Junior High

Ed Kassanders
Be sure to check out Motion Fitness & Exergame Fitness for lots of product information and programs around exergaming -

Paul Zientarski
Be sure to check out Learning Readiness PE for lots of information and some of the studies done at Naperville's schools -
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