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Friday, May 11, 2012

Yangs Rockers

When the day came when I had to do my Lab D for Professor Yang emotions were running through my body. It seemed to be so much work, however when you have something you love to do you don't mind running around like a chicken with your head cut off. While keeping your cool of course.

Unfortunately Lab D was not the only thing on my mind
  at the time, I had recently got a summer job in Cortland for the summer so it felt like I was working two jobs at once! Talk about exhilarating. I think this will help me in the long run however. If I could learn now how to handle two jobs then I think I'll be better off in the future. When I do get out into the teaching world I wont be able to just teach. I feel like I need another job, such as coaching or working at a fitness club or even a camp. Something to make myself more available to the people in my community. I feel it is very important to have outside resources readily available. It is not only us that should be the P"E Rockstar" for life but everybody. If we can get the idea of being healthy is fun into peoples minds, then we've done our job.

If we could get kids moving more times a day at the heart rate that would qualify as a good workout then we are going to have healthier kids. There are ways to make every child want to be physically active, whether that means "tricking" him into doing so or not. Professor Yang is a huge endorser of the exergaming workouts, how innovative is that! Talking about reaching out to the people who don't usually like Physical Education! Reaching out to these students is our duty, we might not be able to force them to play, but the ability to let them have fun is always there!
I encourage you to visit my personal blog. the site is I will be doing my 256 field experience this summer and I am very excited to keep everybody updated on what I am doing and how it is panning out. Who could forget about raquette lake this summer as well. Both of these experiences should be one to remember for a long time.

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