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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Understoodit: Checking for Understanding for the 21st Centruy

I've been toying around with lots of these Classroom Response Systems (CRS) and like the fact that many of them are free and can be accessed with multiple devices (SMS, twitter, web, apps, etc.). I've listed a bunch of systems at the end of the post but wanted to share 2 new ones including one still in closed Beta.  Although I love the intent of these tools, the majority of the scenarios are unfortunately still modeled in the traditional teacher-centeted class or lecture-based delivery format. From what we know about different learning and teaching styles, surely we can give better examples of student-centered learning, problem-based, project-based, team-based, just something besides the lecture.

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Understoodit is still in closed Beta, but you can sign-up and try to score your own Beta invite. It looks to be on par with a lot of the other systems that allow anonymous responses, but is that just between students or is there a tracking mechanism for teachers?

GoSoapBox is another classroom response system that has an interesting tag-line "Hear what your students are thinking!" Now if I could really hear what they thought, that would be pretty scarey because I know what I think while I'm in a class. This system is anonymous between students but the interactions can be tracked by the teacher.

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GoClass is a new iPad app that allows teachers to create lessons using different forms of media, project these lessons with a compatible projection system and broadcast specific media to student iPads.

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