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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sport Stacking - David Vistocco

Instant activity using Yoga

Today was my lab D lesson.  My activity was sport stacking.  I had no prior knowledge of stacking before so this was quite a challenge.  My teaching style was guided discovery, which I also had not done before.  After doing research and practicing stacking I felt confident going into todays lesson and I feel that translated well into my performance. Right away I got the class moving with an instant activity incorporating partner stacking and loco motor movements.  After the partners completed the task, I did my introduction into stacking while the class and I were doing different yoga positions.  In the intro I focused on bilateral movement and how that was the key to stacking successfully.  I tried to relate stacking to other sports as much as possible to grab the students interests, my cues for the 3 cup separation leading into the 6 stack were feel the laces of the cups just like a football.
3 cup separation 
Also when I asked for benefits of bilateral movement we talked about sports that it was used in which was a good way to relate all aspects of my lesson.  Devon was a deaf student in my class today and it was a nice challenge to help him along and I feel I did very well with that and most of the students did not even notice.
Intratask variation using timing mats
The body of my lesson was nothing like what I had on my lesson plan and I feel that was beneficial because it showed how I can adapt and change within a lesson.  Students were understanding and doing very well with the 6 stack so we moved on to the 3-6-3 which was more challenging but still incorporated everything we did in class so far. When moving on to the 3-6-3 I saw Emily first trying it so I stopped the class and used her as my main demonstration for the task. Using a student as a demonstration allows the other students to relate better to the task because it is someone their own age and skill level completing the task.  I was assigned a theme for my lesson and that theme was relationships and break ups. I had a basic idea on how to relate this into my lesson before so during my lesson I continued with the students partner stack like they did in the beginning of class and I was able to incorporate relationships and breakups into that section.
Overall I am very pleased with my lesson it went very well, on my C-12 teacher evaluation form I did outstanding and I feel my ratio of time of student activity to demonstration time was in the student activities favor.  After talking with Professor Yang some things I could have improved on was intratask variation.   I did some variation with students using timing mats, smaller cups, eyes closed but he suggested I could have changed their body positions and incorporated yoga into stacking because I did it earlier in the lesson and it would have connect all parts of my lesson.
Working with Devon a deaf student
Using a student demonstration
to progress to the 3 6 3 
As I said overall I thought I did very well and I am very pleased with my performance. When doing my time coding sheet I had over 50 percent of student activity which is important and it is the first time I have done that in a lab so far which further shows my development. Since this is my last lesson of 255 I took time to reflect on my improvement from lab A till lab D.  My improvement was incredible and the lessons that I will take with me from this class will help me grow and become a better educator.  Before this class I could not imagine doing this well on a 20 minute Sport Stacking lesson but after learning a lot of information from Professor Yang and my classmates it made teaching this lesson feel very easy and comfortable.  The little things that I have taken away from my classmates lessons and the TA's lessons will help me in the future and I will never forget the incredible experience I had this semester in this class.

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