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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Having fun while getting healthy

I recently just played two games online that i must say were quite fun. They were called Lunch Crunch 2 and Pyramid Pile Up. The first game, Lunch crunch 2 was a fun and easy that children can see what food are good for them and what food are bad for them by replacing bad foods such as cakes and cookies with good foods such as fruits and veggies. As a college student i thought that i wouldnt find a game that was made for younger kids fun, but i was wrong. I found myself getting into the game and getting frustrated when i messed up. I was not only getting into the game but i was also learning things as well. As i got further into the game, new foods were being added to the selection. By the end of my game i messed up a few times because i wasnt sure if the food i was picking was health or not, i think it picked up a potatoe, and thus lost the game for myself. This game would be great for kids to help understand what foods a good for them and what foods arent, and being able to chose your hardness level makes it a game that almost anyone can play. I lost on a medium level so there is even room for me to improve and learn different types of healthy foods there are.

The next game a played was Pyramid Pile Up and i think i enjoyed this one a little more because it was more of a challenge for me. With both of these games i was very surprised as to how into the games i got. I breezed through the first level, placing the correct foods in the right spot on the pyramid, but on the next level, the chommpies came in and messed me all up!!! It was hard but fun at the same time to try and fiigure out where the chompy was going to go. Once the color coded backround to the foods were gone you had to know what food group that food was from which made you think about what types of foods are from each group. One food that tricked me the first time was the almonds and the eggs. I had no idea that both of these were considered meats. Things like this make this game very beneficial for younger kids in there developement of determining healthy foods.

If im a college student and i enjoyed playing these games, i cant imagine how much fun younger kids would have. Not only did i have fun though but i learned some things as i was playing. Teachers should definielty use these games to aid in the learning of whats healthy for kids. Instead of just giving them a sheet with the food pyramid on it and maybe listing what foods go in each group, these games are a hands on way yo ensure that the students are really learning these facts. I totally recommend these games for teachers to use. So try them out and see how you like them. Even if you 45, you can still have FUNNNN!!!

                                                      My FUN Experience (VIDEO)

Here is a lesson plan that teacher can use for the game Pyramid Pile Up as well as 2 assessments/activities they can use to see how well their students learned from the game.

Activity 1
Acitivity 2
task progressions
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