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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laura Bohneberg;s Daily Burn

  I consider myself a very healthy and active person so when one of our assignments for our final was to track what we eat and our exercise i was very happy because its something that comes natural to me although i never have recorded it before. I work out everyday and i try to eat as healthy as i can. Setting up the Daily burn was very easy to do and to top it off it was free!! Something that will benefit many people. When i first stared tracking my nutrition i noticeed that  what the amount of exercise i was doing i wasnt eating enough food throughout the day.  With this food tracker, it shows you how much of each substance you are eating and what you should be eating more of, something that i had no idea of. I was eating a lot of carbs, something that you should limit, and i wasnt eating enough fruits and veggies. So the last day, i definietly tried to eat a good heart dinner with chicken, rice and green beans. It was very easy to track my work outs as well. When i work out i do a ton of different things, from squats to ab work to running, and witht his website, it was easy to find waht work out it did and how many reps and sets i did of each. Its cool to be able to look back and see what i did a week ago.
I have never used an online tracking device like this before but just from doing this for about a week, it  definielty captured my attention. I love seeing the progress that im making and different tips that the website has for us. Like i said, i love knowing what i need to be eating and what i should be eating less of and more off to stay healthy. Even though i consider myslef a healthy person already, this will just help keep myself on track. Sure this isnt going to be easy, you have to remember to track waht you do everyday, but its totally worth it. Take 10-20 minutes out of your day to track waht youve done and what youve eaten and it will help you make you life healthier. Just from doing it for 1 week i can see that im thinking about what im eating more and im making it a point to go to the gym every day even when im home from finals when i could be resting.
This online website would work perfectly for standard 1b of having students create their own personal fitness plan. Students could chose which training plan they want to do, whether they want to lose weight or gain muscles they can pick their own training plan which is also FREE!!! Students can track their food consumtion as well as physical activity and set goals for themselves, something that is important in a physical setting. I feel that this website would be a great unit in a physical education class. Maybe a class could do something like the biggest loser competition and have them log their progress on this website. Since this is a free website, every student should be able to participate.
Another tool that could be used for tracking the progress of the students would be to simply take screenshots of the progress and put them in a word document and hand them into the teacher. They could take a picture of their nutrition for the day and of their exercise for the day and do that for a week and put all of the pictures on one page of a word document and hand that in at the end of the week to show that they are indeed tracking what they need to be tracking. There could also be a before and after sheet hanging up somewhere in the gym, to see their progress every week.Overall i feel that Daily burn would be a great tool to help students achieve a healthy lifestyle out of a school setting!
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