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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Physical Education in the NYS Regents

Physical Education is a vital part of every students education, K-12, and therefore should be integrated into the Regents Level Objectives. All high school seniors in every district across the nation, after more than 17 years on our beautiful planet and for most students 12 years of Physical Education, should be proficient in Physical Education. For NYS Learning Standard, I would recommend that at least 75% of the Senior class should be competent in 6 skills, proficient in 3 skills and across 3 different categories. That might sound it is asking a lot but it really is not, as long as you have motivated and involved Physical Educators. Of course there are those students who are not as gifted athletically as everyone (environment, task, learner) but it is our job, as Physical Educators that we adapt and modify what we can to ensure the success of everyone.

When it comes to the NYS LS 1B, I feel that 90% of the Senior class should be competent in creating a Personal Fitness Plan. America is one of the most obese countries in the world, I would prefer a student who cannot score a lay up and can still create a Personal Fitness Plan over a student who cannot. Students will learn tricks to improve their muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and so on. These lessons are priceless and it is vital for it to be in the NYS Regents, information that they can learn and use for a lifetime.
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