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Thursday, December 16, 2010

EDU 255 Final Part 2

EDU 255 Final Part 2
While using the program Traineo, I did not like or understand the program very well.  This program is used to maintenance/record your workouts and nutrition for however long you want.  However, the main problem that I had with the program is that for the basic subscription it costs $9.99 which I was instructed not to pay.  So the only thing I could really do on the website was record my weight and look up different types of workouts that other people had created.  If I were to use this program long-term, the weight graph would be good to look at to see at what rate I could lose/gain weight and also to see my BMI.  I really liked the availability of different and unique workouts that were created by people.  These could range from extreme weight lifting workouts or small exercises that could be done in your home.  Unfortunately by not paying the $9.99 I could not record my calorie intake and had trouble recording my workouts.  

I’m using another program similar to this one called Daily Burn.  This program is free and records your nutrition, workouts, sleep, and body weight.  To record your nutrition all you had to do was type in what you ate and it would automatically record the calories, fat, and protein.  This allowed me to quickly record my data without having to go too far out of the way.  The Daily Burn also had pre-recorded calorie output for specific exercises.  These exercises also had video’s that would explain how exactly to do certain exercises.  It also created a guideline for how much I should be eating compared to how much calorie output I am performing.  Between the two programs, I for certain like Daily Burn much better.  However, I would like to stay a part of Traineo just because of the interesting work out plans that are posed on the site.  

Another thing that Daily Burn has included in their program is an iPhone App where the phone can scan the barcodes and it is already registered with the nutritional facts so that whenever you eat something it can be recorded right on the spot.  This prevents people from forgetting what exactly they ate and screwing up their nutritional log.  The website also has many graphs that you can choose from to show your recent activity.  This allows you to see if there is a relationship between certain facts. 

I would use the Traineo website in order to accomplish the NYS Learning Standard 1B to help with the fitness plan.  I would have student’s research different types of exercises on this website that they can include in their fitness plan.  And if the exercises are already set up like a fitness plan, the students will need to take these exercises and put them into a fitness plan format where the calorie output and intake are included.  There are a lot of exercises that are explained on this website that I’m sure students do not know and can use in their fitness plan.  For goals for the group I could have an average weight that students want to work towards.  They could take the beginning average and the ending average to the goal that they want to get to.  

This is an image off of the website Traineo.  This image shows the front page to where you can get different exercises that random people put up for others to enjoy.  You can also notice that on the right side bar it shows what my current weight is, how many calories I can eat throughout the day, and how many more pounds I have to lose to reach my goal. 

This is from the same Traineo website and shows a graph where the blue is my weight loss and the black is the rate at what I have to go to reach my goal.  This is good so that you can see if your weight loss rate will reach your goal in time.  It still has the same sidebars that always show your progress.   

Here is a screen shot off of the website, Daily Burn.  This is the front page when you log in and it shows you something similar to Traineo.  The graph shows your weight loss however, it doesn't show you a goal that you're striving to reach.  The options on the left hand side bar are things that you submit and track as well as your weight.  
Here is the Track Nutrition section where you record your calorie intake.  As you can see it is giving a area of acceptance for calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.  This is based off of information given at sign-up for the site.  I like how this site shows a pie graph where you can see the majority of what you have ate throughout the day.  It also shows a goal of 8 glasses of water a day which you can keep track of. 

This is the work out site on Daily Burn where it tracks what you have done for exercising throughout the day.  As you can see from this shot, today I have burned 464 calories and have lifted 6,000lbs total.  It is also showing that I have not ran yet today.  This is a good thing to see so that you can also see how much you have down throughout the week or lifetime.  Here is a Lesson Plan that could be used in the classroom for extra help. 

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