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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kevin Renzo Is Burning

I was pleasantly surprised with the Daily Burn program. I am currently using Daily Burn and Traineo, two great online exercise and nutrition trackers, personally I enjoyed using Daily Burn better. With no surprise there were restrictions with Daily Burn and Traineo, those restrictions can be lifted if I chose to pay a certain amount which I did not. However, Daily Burn, with the restrictions and all allowed me to do so much more than Traineo. Traineo was hard to follow, barely let me do anything without paying while Daily Burn allowed me to do so much! Daily Burn is a great program and tool for all people to use, along with their motivators, fitness plans and all, and if it were in my budget I would pay the fees and continue to use it. However, I will continue getting my exercise how I have been.

Daily Burn would be great for a physical education class or even a health class. Daily Burn goes right along with learning standard 1B, knowing how to create a personal fitness program. Daily Burn is literally a fitness program. Students can learn how to use the program and actually use it, it get go towards their grade in the class. Students will be asked to create a fitness program for themselves as an exit standard for completing Physical Education. Daily Burn has so many different perks to it, students can find out what best suits them, whether it is cardiovascular or weight training, In addition, the class can be motivators for one another to do well in the program. Together the class can set a goal to achieve, whether it is a certain distance, amount of push ups etc. Daily Burn can be great for everyone, including the teacher!

Along with Daily Burn, students can use Picasa. Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for digital photos and the best part is that it is free! Students will be able to take screen shots of their progress in Daily Burn and enables the student to show the teacher all the hard work they are doing. With the aid of Daily Burn, Picasa can be a great way of reporting progress towards the learning standard 1A. The screen shots can be feedback for the student and teacher and will show what areas the student needs help in. I have taken plenty of screen shots, it is simple, effective and very helpful. If you look above at the first picture, you can see that I was recording my sleep for the night and that I only received 2 hours of sleep that night. It was a rough night for me and my finals, I felt I had to share that in my blog. There is no reason why any Physical Educator cannot do the same.
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