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Friday, February 4, 2011

Return on Educational Investment (ROI)

Educational Productivity (ROI)
Economists at the Center for American Progress announced an online interactive website that compares the educational productivity of 9,000 United States school districts.

This report is the culmination of a yearlong effort to study the efficiency of the nation’s public education system and includes the first-ever attempt to evaluate the productivity of almost every major school district in the country.

  • Highly productive districts are focused on improving student outcomes. 
  • More education spending will not automatically improve student outcomes. 
  • The nation’s least-productive districts spend more on administration
  • Most states and districts have not done nearly enough to measure or produce the productivity gains our education system so desperately needs. 

Focus Questions
Above is the interactive map for New York with a special emphasis on Cortland City School District.
  1. Is Cortland's "Yellow" rating good enough for you and why might Groton, McGraw, Dryden, Ithaca be so different?
  2. Can you find your home school district and see how they performed? 
  3. What do these findings tell you about your school's level of performance?
  4. Is it accurate according to what you remember and know? 
  5. Do you agree with their research methodology and recommendations? 
  6. How are you staying up-to-date with research, policy and practice?
Boser, U. Return on Educational InvestmentA District-by-District Evaluation of U.S. Educational Productivity. January 19, 2011.
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