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Friday, February 4, 2011

Student Life @ Home & School (470)

How are you going to help maximize on-task learning time or as some researchers quantify as ALT (Academic Learning Time - ALT)?  There are ALT scales just for the classrooms and those just for PE.  Can you locate them, read them and read what the research says on the effects of high ALT on student learning, class climate, and peer interactions.

Guiding Questions and Key Terms:

1. What rituals and routines shape classroom life?

2. How is class time related to student achievement?

3. How does the teacher's gatekeeping function influence classroom roles?

4. What is tracking, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

5. Why has "detracking" become a popular movement?

6. How do peer groups impact elementary school life?

7. In what ways does the adolescent culture shape teenage perceptions and behaviors?

8. What impact do changing family patterns and economic issues have on children and schools?

9. How can educators respond to social issues that place children at risk?

10. What steps can educators take to create a more supportive school environment?

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