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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A baseball pitcher born without lower limbs, is cut from HS team, WWYD (470)

A teenage baseball player, born without both tibia and fibula, who has been playing competitively for eight years, was cut from his high school baseball team. On the second day of tryouts, the coaches claim he was not able to field the ball quickly enough at home quickly enough and was cut despite winning awards and having an 80 mile an hour fastball. Fitted with prosthetics Anthony Burroto

Guiding Questions:

  1. What is your school's interscholastic philosophy and how does it fit in with your school's educational and physical education's philosophy/goals?
  2. Please link to your high school's athletic, education, and PE philosophies. 
  3. Please link to your athletic, education, and PE philosophies on your separate eportfolio.
  4. What are the policies in place for athletic teams in terms of who can try out for teams?  What are the requirements in terms of :
    1. varsity, junior varsity, modified (I never liked this term), or whatever team / club/ intramural
    2. gender
    3. differently-abled, students with prosthetics
    4. religious clothing, traditions, requirements, artifacts
  5. What is your response to this video piece?
  6. How would you describe the mother and son in terms of the way they reacted to the news of getting cut?  Did they do themselves any favors by going on air?  How did their body language and tone of voice help or hurt their presentation of the facts?
  7. What would you do - WWYD?
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