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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Employer demands Facebook Login from employee - WWYD (470)

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Would you give your employer or potential employer your Facebook username and password? Take the poll below to voice your vote on this issue.

"...the ACLU has taken up the case of Maryland corrections officer Robert Collins, who was required to provide his Facebook login and password to the Maryland Division of Corrections during a recertification interview so the interviewer could log on to his account and read not only his postings, but those of his family and friends too. 

Guiding Questions

  1. Does an employer have the right to ask this of you?
  2. Does the government have the right to ask you a similar request if you are applying to one of its military or intelligence agencies?  
  3. What are your rights in terms of what potential employers are allowed to ask you?
  4. Is there precedence or previous legal decisions for what is permissible and what is not in job interviews?
  5. What are your legal rights and responsibilities as a teacher?
  6. What legal rights do students enjoy (and do they have legal responsibilities)?
  7. What are today's main approaches to moral education?

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