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Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear Superintendent,

Physical Education is no longer just "rolling the dodge balls out." Now it is about learning to be physically fit for the rest of your life. Phys Ed once was about athletes being good at the sports played and the sports played in class. Disc Golf is becoming incorporated in schools nation wide. It is growing in popularity with all ages and all genders. This is a sport for everyone to play who enjoys being outside with friends and throwing a disc to a target using strategies. This is a good unit to be introducing because the equipment that we are needing are a few Frisbees, targets, and open space. The facilities needed would only be fields outside the school or on rainy days space in the gym. This is one of the cheapest sports to supply for. I have researched the benefits from playing Disc Golf. Playing disc golf allows you to be outside in the sun which allows the absorption of Vitamin D, walking the course which is sometimes miles long for each hole creates the physical activity portion of the game. Students will have the opportunity to become more socially active with their peers because it is a slow paced game. Students could use this sport outside of school and bring their family members and even their grandparents could play this sport with them. Disc golf is an easy way to be physically active for the rest of your life. Thank you for the time you have given me. Hopefully we can start moving forward with this popular lifelong activity.

Thank you agian,
Nikki Lippert

Disc golf
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