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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily Burn reflection. Mitch

My impressions of daily burn are that it can be a very helpful web page once you get use to it,
it can be a bit difficult to understand but once you get accustomed to it i feel that it could be a
very helpful site. I like how it allows for you to keep track of what you ate and how many calories are being used and taken in. It shows you the % of fat, carbohydrates, and protein you are consuming in a day. I do not currently use another online website as an online exercise and nutrition tracker. For my associates degree i had to take a nutrition class and i used my pyramid for a nutrition tracker along with the exercises that I did daily. I kept track of a 1 week period of everything i ate and did for exercise. It was a huge final project and i actually liked it because i learned a lot about nutrition. I have a two year degree in nutrition exercise so I enjoyed that web site a lot. This daily burn tracker is very similar though and a good way to keep track of our nutrition, fitness and our exercises. I as well would like to remain a member of the rock star group after i am done here.

This web site can be used to accomplish the recommended regents level for LS #1B in a few ways. 1B standard is personal fitness and health. This site could be used as a project for kids to follow their nutrition, fitness, and their activity during a whole school year as well as keeping track of what their goals are for that year whether it be cardiovascular or muscular endurance or strength or even flexibility as well as body composition. This could also be used to test students and keep track of their physical fitness as well.

An electronic tool that could be used for capturing data and reporting for the recommended regents level for LS # 1A could be Microsoft Excel. I know this for sure because i was required to use this when i did my final project for my nutrition class and made up a great planner on everything i ate and all of the exercises that i performed each day for a week. I put all of that information into an Excel toolbar. This could very easily be used in a high school setting, maybe not as in depth and long as my final project was but it could definitely be used in a high school physical education setting as an end of the semester project to track how well kids are eating and using exercise to their ability as well as their skills in a certain sport which would cover LS #1 which is the students ability to perform a skill. Students could then take snap shots of themselves using the Picasa 3 program as good examples of their nutrition or if they perform a certain exercise. This is a great way to track how well you are eating and performing a skill over a semester of time by going back and looking at your technique in the snap shot by taking different ones over the semester of the school year.

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