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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dan Murphy Final part 1 questions Response

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.
The video that we watched was from CBC Canada. The report was in regards to a new system that was taking place in City Park Collegiate Saskatoon Canada. The school was incorporating strenuous cardio into their daily lectures. They were doing this exercise outside of the PE setting. It was very interesting to see what a difference exercise had on the students in the school. The first thing students did in school was to strap heart rate monitors on. They then jumped on dread mills. Contrary to what I would have thought the teacher said that the students actually were more focused and did better work after exercising. I thought the students would be tired and be falling asleep. According to the video the school's attendance actually improved. Students wanted to come to school. We didn’t hear much about the PE program because the program didn’t motivate students. From what I saw and heard in the video it appeared that most of the students in the class were standing around. A point was brought up in the video how the unskilled kids hated gym class because they lacked the skills. Therefore many didn’t want to participate and didn’t put forth any effort. As a future physical educator I would try to create a comfortable setting for my settings where everyone was respected and participation was something that wasn’t questioned. I would try to teach activities or sports that people enjoyed. Why bother with things that the majority of people don’t like. I would try to adapt the activities so that they would be more inviting and more fun. I think that has a lot to do with a teacher’s lesson plan. Getting in lines and doing drills simply isn’t fun. Students want to be involved in activities where they can be challenged and taste success.
The overall results of the new system of incorporating exercise into lessons had dramatic results on the school. On average students increased their language art grades by a total letter grade. The school ranked as one of the best in science scores. The video was overwhelming and makes the viewer wonder why if they can have such great results why more people aren’t following that schools system. The schools system hit on several of our NASPE standards. It related very closely to standards four and five, Instructional delivery and management and impact on student learning. The results speak for themselves. The students were performing better as a result of a new system of delivering information to the students. It absolutely had an impact on student learning. Students like Barney increased their reading level by 20 percent as a result of the system. In another one of the videos the student talked about how he was motivated to stay away from drugs and enjoyed the new system in place at school.
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