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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Superintendent

I'm writing this to say we are in need of some new equipment. We are struggling to provide necessay equipment and a safe environment for the kids. I was able to take some pictures of our facilities that should help show the real need for our physical education program. Students can really benefit from a good workout and their working out will not only help them physically, but mentally as well. The less active a person is, the less energy they will have to want to study or do school work. This request is small but can mean a whole lot for the students. We looking at a 50,000 dollar budget advance that would get us new equipment, and also allow for minor repairs. The outside area needs to be maintained better buy the grounds crew, as well as some new fence around the baseball field. Not only is the fence rusty, it's dangerous for the kids to be running by. Thanks for your time and I hope that you can see my concern for not only our school's program, but for the students as well.
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