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Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Did We Do This Semester?

Over this past semester I have grown immensely as a teacher candidate. One of the things that have really improved my teaching is being loud and enthusiastic. Last semester in 201 I thought I was loud enough, but in 255 I really came out of my shell and I have really noticed a huge improvement in my teaching. Giving specific feedback is another area where I have really improved. It is easy to get into the “good job rut”. The problem with this is that the children do not know what they are actually doing a good job at. Specific feedback really helps the children better understand the skill which will help them in the future. Instant Activities is another thing I have learned about this semester. Instantly grabbing the childrens’ attention as soon as the class begins really sets the pace to have a productive and fun class. Another thing I have taken from this semester is the importance of checking for understanding. This useful tool helps the teacher realize if the students understand their directions. This can be used at the beginning, end or the middle of the lesson to make sure the students always know what is expected of them. Another skill that I will take from this semester is a better understanding of technology and how to use it. Throughout this semester we have used twitter, our blogs, facebook, and many more forms of technology. By understanding how to use these tools I become a better teacher candidate. By blogging I can follow fellow Physical Education Teacher Candidates and share ideas and activities. Also, facebook can help a teacher candidate do things from find a job to keep in touch with other Physical Education Teachers across the world. I will always remember this semester of 255. I have had a great experience and I will continue to learn and grow as a teacher candidate.
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